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- John LeCarre


Meet Ann

A fall in a German bathtub in 2011 dramatically changed my life. The brain injury I sustained forced me to reinvent myself when all that I identified with professionally was lost. 


During my recovery, I gave 2 TEDx talks, multiple keynote speeches (one even received a standing ovation!), took a humanitarian trip to Haiti, earned a master’s degree in English, and began teaching at the college level.

I am a workshop presenter, keynote speaker, and life coach who speaks on brain injury, resilience and reinvention, and how humor, play, and how laughter impacts learning and brain health.  

I also consult with small business owners on social media marketing.

I am also a lifelong writer and published author with experience in technical writing, social media marketing, copywriting, feature articles, annual reports, and electronic newsletters.  My creative writing passion is creative non-fiction.  


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