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How Writing Coaching Works

Every brain is different. Thus, my approach with each client is different. 

As a teacher and brain injury survivor, I know how to customize my approach to your learning style. I am well-versed in neuroscience and interested in how humor and play impact learning and brain health. 

My approach's constant is using laughter and play to nurture your creativity. Higher education often extinguishes a sense of play with its unspoken "if I have fun, no one will take me seriously" mantra. However, if you want to take your creativity to new levels, you must get comfortable with the discomfort of trying new things. That means approaching writing tasks with joy, openness, and the willingness to laugh at ourselves and possibly look silly trying new things. 

Have you ever plorked? 

I learned the word "plork" when I began my MFA at University of Baltimore in 2022. It combines the words "work" and "play."

Plorking is what happens when writers feel free to experiment and play. This spirit of play can make your writing tasks easier and open you up to new ideas. 

Shall we plork together? 

  • $125/hour session rate
  • $60/hour prep (reading and  editing your manuscript)
  • Ask me about package coaching rates if you anticipate needing more  support

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